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Email Marketing

Email marketing feature include:

  • Automatic email import or upload
  • Hands-free unsubscribe management
  • Unlimited message personalization
  • Deluxe campaign scheduler
  • Unlimited email lists & subscribers
  • Handles email bounces, removes, and more
  • Built-in HTML editor
  • Remote access from any web browser and many more!
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SMS Marketing

Mobile phone marketing feature include:

  • Place your promotion offer in your messages.
  • Works right from your PC
  • Built-in database manages lists
  • Instant unsubscribe capability
  • Unlimited SMS personalization
  • Segment & filter any Mobile phone list
  • Built-in SMS message templates
  • One touch Phone number format conversion
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Customer Testimonials

"The most cost effective and reliable way to do email marketing."
- Paul Thompson, USA

" A great way to rake in orders fast without spending a fortune advertising ."
- Taiwo Aderogba
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